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Originally Posted by djokster View Post
Hey guys,

I am just wondering if any of you know a shop in our area where I can get the pallets on my Head Prestige Mid changed. Mine cracked where the staples were to secure the butt cap...

Thanks in advance!
Sorry I don't know of one, but it's not hard to do. I can help, if you'd like. Takes a total of 30 minutes and that's due to waiting for the epoxy to dry for the butt cap as I don't use staples to staple it back on. Never needed staples once I started using epoxy.

Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Paulman - I bought my third prestige, thanks to your minions
JRs, glad minions could help! Now let's change out those L3 pallets for the L5 ones I have for you. Give me a holla!
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