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Donnay X-White 99
O.K. so the lighter frames in the line do not really appeal to my style of game, but I did feel the need to try out the whole line for Donnay and to answer any questions someone may have about the frame.

So the White 99 is the stiffer version of the yellow 99. Kind of like what Donnay did with the black and the blue, just in a lighter form.

It's weighted at 10oz, in what feels like a pretty balanced racquet. The tenniswarehouse review says it is the fastest swinging of the line, but I found the yellow to be a bit quicker honestly.

I can see a TON of people liking this racquet. matter of fact, if you play with a racquet in the 9-11 oz range or so, I would say give this a look. You can weight it up however you want, but the racquet is an impressive offering.

One thing I have noticed about 10oz or close racquets is that they generally play a little shaky. If you take a look, tenniswarehouse has compared it to racquets in the 11oz range, which in my opinion generally play a lot more solid. The white changes things up a bit. Think about the control of a prestige, in a lighter package than the radical. I taught a few days on court (probably about 12 hours on court) with the white and have these thoughts about the white 99. I've also had 3 older male clients of mine trade in their power series for the white 99, 2 junior players start using it, and a couple 4.5 women. So the frame does appeal to a very wide range of players.


I was really surprised to find out how stable the white plays from the baseline. Like I said earlier, tenniswarehouse compares it to a radical, which I think is a fair assessment - but the white 99 is an oz lighter. Donnay is going after giving people that use things like the head speed lite, or z series from babolat a very easy to use frame that does not sacrafice ANY feel. The frame performs very nicely from the baseline, just as solid as the heavier players frame offerings in the X line. Racquet head speed is very easy to come by, which gives a very easy access to both power and spin. Shots were pretty effortlessly coming off with a lot of pace, while still giving me that nice confidence in knowing just where the ball was going. I actually really enjoyed teaching with the white 99, and I usually can't stand going light. Another thing I noticed was the access to spin. Not as much as the yellow, but that thing has crazy spin - - but still a nice access to both topspin and slice. This frame really felt good from all areas of the court. I think my favorite thing to hit with the white was approach shots. the frame just cuts through the ball so fast, i could just crush it deep or snap an angle winner out of nowhere. a surprisingly fun frame - - might be my new teaching racquet of choice actually.


I will put the white 99 up there with any racquet out on the market at the net actually. SUCH a nice frame for volleys. So light and maneuverable, without sacraficing any stability. The stability of the thin beam is nice when wanting to hit a powerful volley, and the white retains the same silky smooth touch that I noticed with all of the heavier racquets in the X-line. This also surprised me because in my hits in the past, most 10 oz. racquets really sacrafice a lot of feel and stability in their lighter offerings. Touch volleys were effortless. However, the racquet really sines on reflex volleys. Doubles players will also enjoy how quick this frame moves at the net. The sweetspot is very large, and off center hits still feel very stable with no vibration to the arm. When I teach I spend a lot of time at the net, so I did have AMPLE time to get the feel of this frame at the net. Again, even though the weight of the frame does not appeal to me personally, I was extremely impressed by this offering.


I also enjoyed serving with this racquet. Too light for me to play a serious match with coupled with my motion, but it was very comfortable. The rock solid stability continued on service as well. Lots of whip gave me an almost effortless access to power, which i really enjoyed while serving when I was teaching. When I have 3 consecutive lessons that want to work on serve, it's nice being able to still pop a few without having to swing to hard. There is also some nice spin potential with the white 99. My kick serve was jumping up very nicely. However, my favorite serve to hit with the white was my slice. It was getting some really nice bite, and i didn't feel like I had to put a whole lot of effort into hitting it. It felt really good actually.


Overall this is a pretty impressive racquet in the x line. Although not a racquet I would switch to personally, it is a frame I can see appealing to a very wide range of players. It is an easy swinging players frame, that is very comfortable, with lots of power and spin in a lightweight package. Think feel of the prestige, power of the radical, with the weight of a speed light. Sorry - i was a head guy before this Donnay madness - so that's why you get that analogy. get out there and try the white 99 and let me know what you think
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