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WeissCANNON Scorpion 1.22 / PerforMAXX WhisperTouch Natural Gut

Final review of this combination. My switching of the mains and crosses ended prematurely: one frame broke at the grommet while the B5E frame broke in the bag near the throat. In either case, I still prefer the feel of super powerful but controlled poly mains, and the only way to get that is with the poly in the mains. Without further ado, my final review of this setup:

Serves: Nothing compares to the power that gut gives you for serving, and I mean absolutely nothing. Since the Scorpion is already a spin monster (assuming you don't just bomb flat serves all of the time and realize that a 105mph serve in the corner with action on it is >>>> 120mph serve to someone's forehand), the gut just ups the pace of the already incredible poly. Since I've been changing my serve, this is the frame I always use. I would never hesitate to use this setup, and I think now that I do prefer it to B5E. 10/10

Broken record: nothing compares to the feel that gut gives you at the net. Scorpion is already an incredibly responsive poly, but coupled with the touch that natty gives you, this setup is far beyond unbeatable. You can hit touch shots where you want them, when you want them. I played a 2 hour doubles match, and since my girlfriend prefers to play forehand (she was a top 5 state player as a junior, so it's not like her backhand is weak) and I prefer to hit my backhand since it's more consistent, this setup shines. The spin of the poly coupled with the pop of the gut gives deadly slice returns on the BH side allowing you to close the net and easily hit touch winners. I sliced three returns cross court in one game, and then in the same game, sliced one down the line...only to have it land 2 feet from the net and die as a drop shot. Touch is beyond belief. 10/10

Cannot be beaten again. How much power you want is determined by YOU, and not by the string. Unlike a number of poly strings, I do not mean that swinging harder means that the ball goes faster. I mean that you know that the stringbed is so rich in potential energy (to use science terms when I hate to do so in sports as an engineer by education) that whenever you want to hit a strong spin shot off of either wing, you can. If you want to hit a deep, skidding slice that pushes into the opponent, you can. If you want to flatten out a bit and simply crack a winner, you can. If you want to up the spin a lot and hit a short angle passing shot well inside the service box, you can. This is the definition of feel: what you put into the shot in your head is what happens on the rebound. 10/10

For this type of setup, the durability is also stupidly good. If you're not a yob and shank every ball, you can easily get 10 hours of of this string setup. I strung the racquet in question the last time that I posted I was stringing this setup. The tension has not dropped at all, the poly has not died, and the gut has not lost its elasticity. If you want to break this gut, you will have to shred it. Interestingly, I do agree with the seller's description. I strung this exact same setup for another player and he broke the MAINS after a single hitting session with no damage to the gut. There was 100% notching on the poly and after further discussion, he hits only flat eastern shots (and is a beginner and tends to hit off center rather frequently). So, if you're a topspin player, this setup will last as long as you need it to. 10/10

I would recommend this to anyone who has at least 3 racquets to switch between and is a self-stringer. Paying for the stringing can get expensive since the gut is going to fray after some hours, but the coating seriously helps to limit that. I stock now nearly 80 strings, and this combination is still to me the best that I have ever found. It's the combination of the wonderful poly AND the wonderful gut (and not vice versa as you can see from my gut mains review and the following review).

Overall: 10/10

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