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WeissCANNON Black5Edge / WeissCANNON 6Star Supercharged

My first time using this setup. Used it for the warmup and a fun only tiebreaker after the doubles match mentioned above. Looks absolutely hideous.

Stringing: Not even talking about the B5E since I've done it already. Stringing 6Star is like stringing a thick syn gut. Relatively stiff for a multifilament, and also relatively thick since it's pretty much a 16g string. Weaving it isn't even in my top 10 strings, but it's not even close to a poly as far as difficulty. Strung at 55/57 as usual.

Lackluster. This setup does not provide much power at all. I've played with Mantis CS which is low powered, and this is pretty much the same power level but without the feel. Spin is not really its strong point, and nor is power. It feels like a more powerful version of the full bed of the string with less spin. 8/10

Volleys: Touch isn't very great here. The B5E is pretty soft as it is, and it's incredibly crisp. Unfortunately, the 6Star competes with that and you end up with a stringbed that seems confused. It wants to be a softened poly feel, but it can't be since 6Star isn't that soft. It then wants to be a crisp multi cross with a soft poly, which ends up ruining the feel of both strings. Touch isn't up there, and I would choose NRG2, Alpha Gut, or MCS over it in a second. 7/10

Groundstrokes: More of the same. You don't get much power at all and end up working far too hard to get the same power that you could have had otherwise. 6Star is very low powered even when strung at 57lbs. It takes away that lovely crispness of the B5E and leaves instead the worst possible attribute: death. The stringbed does not feel lively at all. I don't believe in ball pocketing anyway, but I can guarantee that you won't find it here. Spin is hard to come by too even with B5E being a great spin string. Wouldn't use again. 7/10

Durability: We're using two WeissCANNON strings. Are you even asking? 10/10

Will not string this setup again. It's too low powered off the ground, doesn't give you any feel at the net, spin is LESS than you're expecting when using B5E and the 6Star just isn't worth the time to string over a more powerful and softer multifilament. It's better than B5E / syn gut, but not by much. Seeing as 6Star is expensive, it's a complete waste of money.

Overall: 8/10
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