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Donnay X-Yellow 99 Review

ok i tried posting this in yellow, orange, dark orange, blah blah blah and you couldn't read it... so you get green haha

Spin Monster! Just like the black is the more flexy version of the blue, the yellow is the more flexy version of the white. Stated weight on the yellow is 10 oz. just as the white. However, the yellow feels like it swings a bit lighter than the white. If you like tinkering with weights on your racquet, the yellow gives you a good platform at 10 oz. It plays well in the stock form, maintaining the amazing feel and control i have felt throughout my playtest, without any sacrafice to power. Actually, I have to say, I am most impressed with the white and yellow in the whole Donnay line. I knew their high weighted frames would play well, but I am just very impressed with how nice their lighter racquets play. I usually think 10 oz. frames feel like garbage, but these play just like lighter versions of their heavy big brothers

Cosmetically I love the yellow. It screams of the old agaissi pro one, and the yellow looks great with the smoke / gunmetal color that are on all the donnays.

I used every imaginable combo of weighting system with the yellow, and think it plays best with the 5g cap in the handle, and the stock strips in the head.

I have had a lot of juniors ranging from decent to very good give this racquet a try in the last week or so as well. Almost every one of them has said that they prefer thos x-yellow to what they were hitting with originally. The price did scare a few away, but a couple of them have made the switch already and I think some of the others will come around on it.


I liked hitting groundies with the yellow about as much as I liked hitting them with the white. I feel I got a bit more control with the white 99, but more power and spin from the yellow. The thing that amazed me was how much spin i was getting on my groundstokes. My forehand has crazy topspin. My backhand, usually a flatter shot, i found myself snapping some pretty heavy topsin as well. Slice had ample amounts of bite and were very effectice. However, i really enjoyed standing back on the baseline and seeing how nasty I could get with my topspin. I don't just camp at the baseline anymore, but I was really out having some fun with this racquet. for my swing, the frame kept a bit to quick through the ball for me to go for big flat winners on my groundstrokes. For those shots, I preferred the white. However, short angles were just effortless with the yellow. Very fun hit.

VOLLEYS 7.5/10

i think I enjoyed hitting with the white at the net a bit more than the yellow. i tend to gravitate towards stiffer frames when I am hitting, and i think that's why here. They yellow still has great feel, but did feel a bit flexy for my tastes. i think the 10-13 year old version of myself would have absolutely loved this frame though. The touch on the yellow was great. Drop volleys and short angles were very effective. I did notice I was having some issues getting the ball deep enough when I wanted to punch on though. This could just be because I wasn't used to the racquet though. The juniors i have had hitting with the yellow have all raved about how the yellow performs at the net. EVERY junior i've had hit with the Donnays has liked the yellow at the net better than the white, which I found interesting as well.

SERVE 8.5/10

The flexibility of the yellow 99 made it very comfortable to serve with. Again, the spin monster was attacking when I was serving with it haha. i was having a great time stepping up and just slapping slice serves. so much action, it was nuts. i also was enjoying hitting kicks with the yellow. Flat serves were easy to hit, though i thought my rotator cuff was going to rip off my body after hitting serves with the yellow for awhile. Just too light here for me to serve a ton with, after being so used to a heavy frame. Angle serves were my favorite to go for, using the massive spin as my weapon. The juniors I had out crushing the yellow were also loving hitting serves with the frame. They all commented on how much more solid the yellow 99 felt than the similar racquet they were hitting. I tend to agree with them.


I really think Donnay could do some serious damage in the lighter frames market. Their players frames will speak for themselves. However, I think they have put out the class of the light racquet market. To get the feel of a players frame in a 10 oz package is pretty impressive. To stay so light and not sacrafice stability or feel, while staying away from the thicker beam is a refreshing change. it can also get players used to what it feels like to swing a thin beamed players racquet, before they are able to swing the heavy ones available on the market. time will tell with these frames, but I am personally very impressed.

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