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Originally Posted by TennisMaverick View Post
I hit with the Melbourne today.

It is more solid, is better balanced, and has more plow thru than the Legend. The stick also feels smaller than a 98in2 as you drive the ball, but feels all of its size when applying spin. It still volleys and half-volleys incredibly, and if you hit below center as you apply topspin, the frame's response is still very lively. Its dynamic and static balance is good, with or without the vibration dampener, but the plow thru is better with it, and you lose nothing in racquet head acceleration speed. Also, the ball cupping has been improved in this upgrade.

Be mindful that this stick is more demanding than the Organix 10 325 and the BB London. If you're a player and you prefer old school feeling sticks, it's this or the PB 10 Mid.
awesome, thanks for the review. can you compare to the PB10? and with all it's positives, is there any weaknesses?
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