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Originally Posted by tennis_tater View Post
I just checked out Tennis Link and it looks like they actually finished the tournament despite all of the bad weather on the Gulf Coast this weekend. Also looks like the Alabama 8. 5 team steamrolled their way to another Southern Sectional Championship. I know some poster in another post said that most of the guys on the Alabama team don't play in any other leagues, so they never get bumped up, and they just keep coming back and winning 8.5 combo every year. I don't know if that's true or not, but if so, what's the point? I see Southern's has a 9.5 division. You would think a team that has won 8.5 sectionals three years in a row (as the other poster said) would want to play up in the next division for some competition.
Tater the 8.5 team has never played Adult tennis. For 6 yrs. they have been playing together. If these players had been playing in the adult league where a rating was generated all of these players would be a minimum of 4.5! Every 3 yrs they self-rate back in and have recently tried to rate in as a 3.5. The Person responsible for this cheating scandal is the Alabama Combo Coordinator Ruth Ann Bendall. Ruth knows these individuals are in total violation of the CODE OF TENNIS. If anyone would prefer to speak with her and have her explain why she lets the State of Alabama continue to receive a black-eye because of this conduct let me know her number is easily accessible. As we all know when you register to participate in a USTA sactioned tournament you expect the rules to be abided by. Ruth Ann knew well before hand that these players were wrong and should have acted yet she chose to quitely standby while the rest of the Alabama tennis community continues to receive a bad name(cheaters etc.) Its time to stand up Ruth and do the right thing for Tennis in the State of Alabama. Its time to stand up or step out. Ruth you've been in pioneer when it comes to tennis especially in Alabama. Don't let a handful of cheaters ruin your great reputation. And last but not least we have Ms. Holly Goddard. Combo is/was a great tournament however it has become no more than a OUTLAW free for all, free for all the cheaters.
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