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Originally Posted by zumzool View Post
awesome, thanks for the review. can you compare to the PB10? and with all it's positives, is there any weaknesses?
The PB 10 is very precise, but many complained that it did not have enough pop. I didn't feel that it lacked pop, but the ball quality lacked the heaviness that I prefer and get with my fully leaded PB 10 Mid. The PB 10 also requires more effort to hit spin; the Melbourne is just as precise when driving the ball, but it provides for the ability to hit spin with less effort, as its ball cupping ability is awesome. The Melbourne also works better on low balls and second serves because of the ball cupping action.

If you have a larger repertoire, go with the Melbourne. If you have more traditional strokes/shots, go with the PB 10, because its string bed is more uniform when you hit off center.
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