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Originally Posted by max View Post
yeah, it was the lack of power on the serve that made me hang up my Max 200 Gs. It was causing me to overhit, and this jeopardized my shoulder.

One thing to keep in mind in this discussion is that if you go to the tennis courts and see young guys with newer frames. . . well, that's all they know, all they could purchase; they just started tennis only about 4 years ago (or something like that)! So the new models are what they can buy for themselves.
Yes, that's true, but there a lot of us "old" guys who have been with players' frames for a long time, and they are gradually moving away from such heavy and small headed frames. Personally I have had some recent success with a stock Head Speed 18x20, but I am still in two minds re making a permanent switch to a more modern racket
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