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Donnay X-Orange 99 Review

A little lighter than the red, a little heavier than the white and yellow. This is a great all around racquet for someone who loves to camp at the baseline and rip big groundies. Cosmetically this is probably my lest favorite of the whole line. maybe because I used the radical for so long I am just burnt out on orange now, but I just prefer the looks of the others. However, the orange has been one of our hottest selling frames since we got it in.


I got the same feeling from this frame as I kind of did with the Pure Drive from Babolat and the Extreme from Head. It is right there in terms of its weight and balance is somewhat similar as well. It really feels like you are picking up one of those racquets, just a thinner more controllable version. My forehand really was impressive with this racquet. I just wanted to stand at the baseline and crush all day. I was getting great power and control, and my shots were falling deep in the court with considerable spin. Topspin was the best... my forehand was really jumping after the bounce. The balance / weight of the racquet did not feel as good to me on my backhand though. It felt a little whippy through the ball for my tastes, and I noticed my shots sailing on my a bit on the baskhand side. Slice felt great however. Pinpoint accurace with good bite. I played around with the weighting and liked it best with the stock cap and 3 g strips in all 3 ports. This was the only racquet I preferred having the strips in the 12:00 ports as well.


I just wasn't as crazy about the orange at the net as I was with other frames in the series as well. it was good but not great, and I felt a lot of the other frames in the line were great at the net. I noticed a little vibration from the racquet when hard shots were being fired at me and I would volley back. This could also have something to do with the strings / tension as well. Control was still very good, but I thought the orange was lacking in feel a bit. The silky smooth response I got from the other sticks in the X line wasn't as smooth here. Could I volley effectively with the orange? No doubt. Was the frame maneuverable and quick through the air? yes very nice. I just wasn't craazy about it. maybe I was just biased because I liked the red 99 so much better though


Serving with the x-orange 99 was a real treat. I was just killing it from all spots. The frame felt incredibly quick through the ball, leaving enormous potential for both power and spin. I really found myself stepping up to the line to crack but flat serves as hard as I could... which I love doing. the other serve that strood out was my slice. I was able to just get nasty with the slice on the orange - especially on wide angles from the deuce side. We were doing target practice while I was serving with the orange and I was hitting them with sniper like accuracy. i really had a good time serving with the orange 99.

OVERALL 7.5-8/10

I can see a lot of people really liking this racquet... it just wasn't the best for me. There were some things I really enjoyed about the orange 99. My forehand and my serve were especially big with this frame. I actually think I served the biggest with the orange 99 out of the whole line. My two handed backhand left a lot to be desired with this frame. I saw a lot of shots sailing on me, and I just can't deal with that haha. I do suggest giving this frame a go - especially if you like the pure drive or extreme... i just think I like the red 99 better
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