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Originally Posted by TheOC View Post
I still carry a PS85 St. Vincent in my bag just to hit with from time to time. I'd play with the stick if I had more than two, plus extra grommets as I wear through headguards much more quickly than most people. Since I can't get grommets for them, I just play with the BLX tour 90. Usually play with guys from my 5.0 league, who mostly use old mids or the new versions of the mids. But I also practice with the D1 team at the college nearby from time to time, most of whom are all now playing with the Pure Drives and other similar sticks. All those guys are pretty baffled that I can compete and win against them using a stick like I do. The closest any of them has to what I would consider a players' stick would be a Pure Storm Tour, and all of them are using a stick with a 98 sq in racquet head or larger. I've used the pure drive in the past, but nothing can compare to the feel and pop of a nice hefty midsize, or what the young guys call a tree trunk lol
Wow, kudos to you! You must be very good; at what level do you play, and is it mainly in singles or doubles?
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