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WeissCANNON Silverstring / PerforMAXX WhisperTouch Pro

Stringing: The Silverstring is one of the easiest polys to string in the world. Nothing to report there. The WT Pro, however, is a pain to weave. It's not the weaving itself that's a problem, it's pulling the string through. Friction burn is a SERIOUS possibility. Strung 53/55, 10% prestretch on gut.

Groundstrokes: POWAAAAAAAH! Dropping the tension seems to really have opened up Silverstring after having only strung it at much higher tensions. The comfort was top notch. Spin was on par with B5E. But the amount of controllable power is astonishing compared to the B5E. 9/10

This is a very good setup for serve and volleyers. The action you can get on the ball is incredible, and with the flat power from the gut, you've got a pretty lethal combination. 9/10

Volleys: Here is where this setup shines. The feel at the net is remarkable. Silverstring gives you this crisp feedback whenever you hit a volley that makes any shot your opponent hits at you seem trivial. It's like it absorbs exactly the amount of pace and spin that's thrown at you, and lets you return it with exactly what you want. Touch shots are not as easy, but for a serve and volleyer, you cannot beat this. 10/10

We're talking about Silverstring. Next! The gut, not amazingly, is pretty frayed and starting to move about. Still, no signs of weakness or premature breakage here. The stringbed looks identical to the Scorpion one that I posted most recently. 10/10

This is actually incredibly academic using this string. Here we have the top 3 strings from WC, and they all perform incredibly well but in their own way. This is a setup for a serve and volleyer. While it is great off either wing, Silverstring is known to not be a huge spin producer. This reaffirms that. However, this is a far more powerful stringbed than the B5E, so if you are a flat hitter, then perhaps this is for you. I personally use a large amount of spin, but do like serve and volleying, so it's still a mixed bag for me.

Overall: 9.5/10
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