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WeissCANNON Black5Edge / PerforMAXX WhisperTouch Pro

Stringing: I won't even bother talking about B5E since I've done it already. The black mains though show the light dusting that's on the string to make it easier to weave. You can see that on one of the mains in the close up picture above. Strung 53/55, 10% prestretch on gut.

Groundstrokes: B5E continues to prove itself as the baseliner's string. It does not have the power of Silverstring, but it does have far more spin potential. The only difference between this and the previous B5E/gut setup is that this has more power and a touch more comfort. Beyond that, you can't beat it. 10/10

Serves: The lower powered nature of B5E shows through on your serves. You do not get the amount of action that you expect even though it's incredible off the ground, nor do you get the power that you can from either of the other two WC strings I've been testing. Overall, same as always. 9/10

Broken record time, again, nothing special to report here. The uncoated version of the gut doesn't really give you any extra benefit at the net. Perhaps in the mains it would be more noticeable, but it's a cross string here so it's just about the same. 9/10

Again, I'm just repeating myself. The lack of coating has shredded the gut to the point that the coated gut was at after a few sessions, and this was just some hitting and a 6-4 (WIN!!) set. 10/10

There's nothing here to say that I haven't already about B5E. If you're a baseliner, I can almost bet that this will be your go-to string if you lower the tension enough and cross it with a powerful enough string to give you the extra pop that you need. It's simply fantastic.

Overall: 9.5/10
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