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1. #3 Austin Krajicek/Jeff Dadamo (A&M) def. Brian Alden/Johnny Hamui (ILL) 8-5
2. Alexey Grigorov/Junior Ore (A&M) def. Dennis Nevolo/Roy Kalmanovich (ILL) 8-5
3. #45 Colin Hoover/Alberto Bautista (A&M) def. Abe Souza/Stephen Hoh (ILL) 8-6

1. #38 Austin Krajicek (A&M) def. #62 Johnny Hamui (ILL) 6-0, 7-6
2. #55 Jeff Dadamo (A&M) def. Roy Kalmanovich (ILL) 7-6, 6-4
3. Alexey Grigorov (A&M) def. #65 Abe Souza (ILL) 6-2, 3-6, 7-5
4. #80 Alexis Klegou (A&M) def. Stephen Hoh (ILL) 6-7, 6-2, 1-0 (10-7)
5. Alberto Bautista (A&M) def. Bruno Abdelnour (ILL) 3-6, 6-3, 6-4
6. Niall Angus (A&M) def. Brian Alden (ILL) 6-1, 6-3

1. #3 Austin Krajicek/Jeff Dadamo (A&M) def. Brian Alden/Johnny Hamui (ILL) 8-5
2. Alexey Grigorov/Junior Ore (A&M) def. Dennis Nevolo/Roy Kalmanovich (ILL) 8-5
3. #45 Colin Hoover/Alberto Bautista (A&M) def. Abe Souza/Stephen Hoh (ILL) 8-6

Order of finish: Doubles (1,3,2); Singles (6,1,2,4,3,5)
#17 Texas A&M def. #6 Illinois, 7-0
@College Station, TX

My girlfriend and I attended the matches today. The teams started 20 minutes late because of the weather conditions, specifically the extremely windy conditions. On court readings showed 23-25 mph with gusts 30-42 mph. They almost did not even play (as it was well withing their rights under ITA Rules) as there were no indoor facilities. Illinois was probably a bit more concerned, being it was their first outdoor matches of the season with several players coming off injury and sickness. The Mitchell Center is a quality facility with good seating for fans. However, the N and W sides are completely open to the wind from the open fields with zero trees or structures to block the elements. Fans lost many hats, umbrellas, and popcorn to the wind. You literally had dirt in your eyes and on your teeth all day. They also sorely lack indoor facilities. The crowd was a bit light and campus a bit quiet being Spring Break.

ILL as a team continue to struggle at Doubles. Coach Dancer may have found some good combinations for future matches though. The Illini fought well in the terrible conditions in their 1st outdoor dual. But were simply outmanned without their top guns against a very good A&M team who is growing in confidence with back-to-back W's over the best of the Big Ten. With a full healthy lineup, the Illini are a tough out for anyone. I see no reason why they won't do damage during the Big Ten season and make a deep run in the NCAAs.

ILL #1 Nevolo made a brief return to the lineup only playing doubles and could barely run or serve. A&M fans who didn't know he's been injured since Seattle were wondering why he was hitting lollipops at 60 mph (a few chuckled) and not going to net. Nevolo had to be helped off the court by 2 asst. coaches following doubles. He was visibly upset at being pulled from singles and wanted to play anyway. Unfortunately he may have injured himself further. He should have sat out again today. Bad coaching decision by Dancer.

ILL #2 Singh has still not recovered from his early season injury and continued to be out of the lineup.

ILL #3 Hamui played up at #1 Singles. He really struggled with the wind in the 1st set. He gave Krajicek all he could handle in the 2nd and was up 5-3 & serving before bowing out. Krajicek has a superb all court game with a big lefty serve.

ILL #4 Kalmanovich played up at #2 Singles. He was still struggling with his sickness that kept him out in Seattle and was coughing and hacking throughout. His knees looked strong though. Kal's game from a couple years ago is coming back, especially his huge forehand that had the pro-A&M crowd wowing. He served for the 1st set twice. Dadamo won the big points with his huge lefty serve in a really tight affair that could have gone either way, even as Dadamo earned code violations.

ILL #5 Souza played up at #3 Singles. Abe is the consumate grinder who had some issues adjusting to the wind in the 1st. He got stronger while playing his various spins and varied pace of shot game to frustrate the Russian Grigorov into some code violations in the 2nd. Abe came back from 1-4 to even things up at 5-5. He couldn't convert a break chance and then dropped his serve to end things. Abe was visibly disappointed at himself for not coming from behind to win as he so often does.

ILL #6 Hoh played up at #4 Singles. Hoh used his strong all court game to come forward as he took control in the 1st with some strong S&V'ing. Lost his aggressiveness in the 2nd, then lost a shortened 3rd due to time.

ILL #7 Abdelnour played up at #5 Singles. Bruno lost a close one in 3, with both guys struggling with the wind. Lots of baseline banging with lots of unforced errors as they tried to hammer through the gusts at the windier end to the facility. He normally doesn't see much Singles action.

ILL #8 Alden played up at #6 Singles. Big Brian normally doesn't see any time at Singles and is a Doubles specialist. He struggled mightily at the windier end of the facility. He played quite well with Hamui at #1 Doubles, as they gave a scare to Krajicek/Dadamo when they were serving at 5-5 AD.

Go Illini!
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