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Originally Posted by David_86 View Post
1983 I might give to Wilander. He did have a 3-0 record against McEnroe that year, more tournament wins, fewer losses, performed better at 3 of the 4 major touraments, a better Davis Cup record. Are you including the Masters played in January 84 as part of your argument? I tend to include it in 1984 since that's when it's played even though the Masters is supposed to be the season ending event.
Originally Posted by kiki View Post
In 83, it was never close; Mac won Masters (the Masters of January always belonged to the former year season, ALWAYS), but he also won WCT finals and Wimbledon to Mats lone Ausie open. It is overwhelming clear in favour of JMac and I cannot see why there is even debate.
Thoughts here: Mac versus Wilander in 1983?
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