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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
When I string a frame, I always start my first cross by going under the first main I encounter. This typically results in most of my pulls going "over" the main I'm pulling the cross string. As a result, there is more friction, and a looser string bed. By changing my technique where most of my pulls on cross strings are under the main, one gets less frcition, and tighter string bed. I tried it out at home and was consistently getting a variation of one to two points higher or lower reading on a DT depending on how I started the crosses.
Interesting, i always do as you did, start the cross under the first main which ends up over the last main.. will try it the other way

What did you think of that box pattern variation that you had to do? Any chance to do a youtube clip of how you string it?

great thread btw, thanks for posting
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