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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
interesting...never thought this would affect the DT. since the first and last cross at the head and throat of the racquet have 2 less mains to cross, i guess these pulls go "under" while the rest of the "over". is this correct?
If I'm understanding your description correctly, then Yes, you are correct.

I never thought this would make a difference but it does show a different reading on the ERT. Will have to test it soon to see if I feel a difference.

Originally Posted by dgdawg View Post
Nice thread, drake.
Now, the perk would be if a stringer could make money doing this!!
String on, homie!!
I'm making OK money, but more importantly, I'm happier than I was at my previous job. I am thinking to give it a year, and see how it goes, and then make a decision from there.

Originally Posted by FloridaAG View Post
Nice report Drak.
Hey, now that I have some extra time, we have to hit. I will give you a call for next week.

Originally Posted by Buckethead View Post
Drak, amazing thread.
I am sorry you and the others have to go through all of that to string Isner, Harrison and some others' frames.
Do you guys extra charge for the extra job??
How long does it take to string Isner and Harrison's frame?
Bucket, the fee is the same to string all the frames. Took about 15 minutes to complete those frames.

Originally Posted by TenniseaWilliams View Post
Great thread drak! Love all the pictures ...
Glad you enjoyed the thread.

Originally Posted by Steve Huff View Post
Drak, let me say, rarely does anything on these threads impress me any more. This thread did. Very nice.

I noticed the tubing on Isner's frames also. I do that for some of my customers that use natural gut in their OPorts. It does seem to extend its life.

Again, very nice pics. Did you ever get any sleep?
Thanks Steve. Nice to know the thread is being appreciated.

As for Isner's frames, it seems many stringers (such as yourself) have figured out that tubing has to be done on these type of frames because of early breakage. Especially as you put it, with natural gut.

As for sleep, I was getting it after the Delray, which is why it took me so long to start the thread.

Originally Posted by scotus View Post
This board would be so boring without Drakulie's contributions.
Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
Good Stuff, Drak! Keep up the great work.

Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by aimr75 View Post
Interesting, i always do as you did, start the cross under the first main which ends up over the last main.. will try it the other way

What did you think of that box pattern variation that you had to do? Any chance to do a youtube clip of how you string it?

great thread btw, thanks for posting
aim, email me privately.

Originally Posted by mdqm View Post
great job Drakulie,many thanks for sharing.
Magic Man!!! Soon, you have to join me on these adventures. You still have to come over and check out the Baiardo.

Originally Posted by MAX PLY View Post
I will add my thanks for the pics and the info. I know you had a good time--hope your fingers are sufficiently recovering.
Max, the fingers were really not an issue. My feet were another issue. The shoes I was wearing had the cushioning pop, so they were throbbing on about the fourth or fifth day.

Originally Posted by Chace View Post
Great stuff Drak. That had to be an awesome experience. Thanks for taking the time to post.
You're welcome.
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