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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
...The stringing pattern used for the tournament, unless specifically directed to string two-piece or a hybrid was needed, was a variation of a box pattern developed by Craig. This pattern tends to equalize the string bed, and hold tension better than a normal one piece pattern...
I guess since no one else is going to bite I will. What is this variation of a box pattern. For it to work it would almost have to depend on the pattern I guess. I like using a variation of the old Wilson ATW (sort of a box) using the short side for the box and the top cross. It works well on some patterns like mains skip 7 and 9 top and bottom.

Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
...When I string a frame, I always start my first cross by going under the first main I encounter. This typically results in most of my pulls going "over" the main I'm pulling the cross string. As a result, there is more friction, and a looser string bed. By changing my technique where most of my pulls on cross strings are under the main, one gets less frcition, and tighter string bed. I tried it out at home and was consistently getting a variation of one to two points higher or lower reading on a DT depending on how I started the crosses...
Hard to see how it makes a difference but I believe you.

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