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I'd like to add one more "thanks" for keeping us abreast of your adventures!

Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Hey Mikeler, glad you enjoy the thread. One tip I got was how to make the string bed tighter/looser when stringing.

hard to explain, but I'll try........

When I string a frame, I always start my first cross by going under the first main I encounter. This typically results in most of my pulls going "over" the main I'm pulling the cross string. As a result, there is more friction, and a looser string bed. By changing my technique where most of my pulls on cross strings are under the main, one gets less frcition, and tighter string bed. I tried it out at home and was consistently getting a variation of one to two points higher or lower reading on a DT depending on how I started the crosses.
I don't get it. Does this have anything to do with the box pattern you were using? Otherwise, I am having a hard time explaining this to myself. Like Irvin, I believe, you... I just don't understand.

I know you said it's hard to explain, and gave it your best shot. But... do you mind having another go at it?
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