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Originally Posted by rich s View Post
It's not necessary to increase the tension on the last string (or the first cross).....

the last string is short and is inherantly more stiff than any string longer than it, so even if it loses tension during the process of tying the knot it will still have enough stiffness to not matter.... additionally since we normally don't hit the ball on the last mains/crosses or first cross it is not a factor in playability of the stringbed.
Thanks all for the feedback. Both answers helped me. I should have clarified my initial question: When I said last pull, I meant ANY tie off (mains/starting cross tie/ last cross tie). I have been increasing tension by 1 pound on tie offs because of a youtube video I watched that said tension is lost during tie offs, but since I am confident in my cinching, I think I am going to keep tension the same.
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