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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Yes it seems to me if I have 16 mains my cross will go over and under 8 mains and the two grommet holes on each side should be on a parallel plain to the string bed so no matter which strings in go over and under as long as they alternate I will have the same amount of friction.

If you use an ATW pattern where there are only 14 mains when tensioning crosses and you do the outside mains at the end I can see it, maybe.

I would think most tensioners are below the string bed so if you were to go over the last mains instead of under you would have less angle and friction on the frame but you are saying the opposite. I believe you but I just don't understand the physics behind it.

As an afterthought if I go under the last main with my cross and push my clamp up on the cross string is it possible there could be less drawback on the clamp? Maybe the cross being held by the clamp (outside and inside the main) makes a difference but I would assume the same would happen if you went over that last main.


All good thoughts Irvin. Thinking out loud, if the last cross goes under the main, you should have a little bit longer string length (the distance between the end main and the next one) to pull since the tensioner is below the racket. That would seem to make it looser but the stringers are saying the friction with the cross above the last main is pulling less tension. I'm still not understanding why it makes a difference, but like you I believe it. I just wish I could wrap my head around it better.
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