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Originally Posted by sstchur View Post
I don't do it. The reason I don't do it though is for consistency. It seems there is a general consensus that whatever methods you use in your stringing, you ought to keep them the same every time.

If I increase the tension on tie-offs, I will inevitably forgot to reset the tension after I've tied off. I've done this multiple times. I've finally settled on simply not messing with the tension (with the only exception being if I'm doing a different tension for mains and crosses) at all when I string. For me, that helps achieve better consistency b/c it is one less thing I have to remember.
ha ha....roger that.
When I had my 2680, I would dial in 10% more (less @ higher tension) for the knot pull and sometimes space on moving it back.
I quite often used M2 for knots. That seemed to be more "idiot proof"
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