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Originally Posted by sstchur View Post
I don't do it. The reason I don't do it though is for consistency. It seems there is a general consensus that whatever methods you use in your stringing, you ought to keep them the same every time.
I agree with you that you should be consistant on what you do.

This is a highly controversal issue for sure, has been for a while and still is. Many can argue both ways, best advise is to pick one way and stick with it for consistancy.

A person from the USRSA emailed me a while back and said it is not necessary to increase according to the USRSA, but then said that is does no harm to increase the tie offs, so it seems like they are staying neutral on this issue, most likely due to the % of tour stringers and slam stringers that increase the tie offs.
Many tour stringers increase the tie offs.Also many slam stringers increase their tie offs as well.Examples are: Tim Strawn from GSS a member of the Wilson String team increases his tie offs a great deal , was somewhere around 5kg increase . Richard Parnell said a while back that he increases the tie offs as that is why the manuf. place that knot button there. The knot button increases the last pull by 10% once the buttton is hit, and only the pull after that button is pressed, so there is nothing to forget..That is what I do, and have stayed that way as well, for consistancy.I tie a good cinched up knot, but the knot also does loose some with relaxing of the tie off knot. By doing this it also keeps the end main strings straighter due to the offset weave of the adjacent main string.I have increased the tie offs way back in the 1960's when I first started to string, as many players pull on the end main strings and judge your job by this, irregardless of what you explain to them that the end main will be easier to move because of the way the strings are weaved they still pull on those.Many players will not pull on those end mains in front of you , but when they get home or later they inevitably do. By increasing the tie offs this makes the strings tight, no complaints of loose end mains, the end mains stay straighter, and you don't hit with the end mains anyways, so it really does not matter one way or another.

Like I said it is controversal, no one way is correct at this point in history, so just stay consistant on what you do.

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