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I'm sure that it makes no difference, but to many clients that pull on that end main it does, even though it is explained to them why the end strings move more, many still pull on the end strings, I even had clients pull on the end mains where I used an ATW where the tie offs were on cross strings! .
The amount of tension loss from the knot drawback is a small amount , as every knot, no matter how well it is cinched will have some tension loss,irregardless of the type of string, (I was taught the now called parnell knot back in 1968, and that knot cinches up nice, but there is still some loss), also being the end main that no one hits with, so after I hit the knot button that increases the tension by the 10%, when the strings are plucked the end mains sound just as they should. No harm done, clients happy, I keep it consistant ,so all I say is to each their own on this.

As you well know there is no set ruling on this, very controversal to say the least as each side has reasons for and against, so this is an individule preference at this point in time until a final ruling is definitively made.

Even the Slam stringers disagree on this issue as some are strong for, as well as some strong against, so do you feel that we are going to make a difference one way or another on these forums or all of us agree on this issue? I would think not. Thats life!

Since the OP asked for pros and cons:

My reasons for:
It keeps the end mains straight do to the off set weave of the adjacent main, (most compelling reason) .

Many clients pull on the end mains to judge your job on this, even if it is explained to them that is is normal for it to be that way due to the offset weave of the adjacent main.

Since there is some loss with the knot drawback, the 10% makes up the difference, within reason, if it is slightly over, no harm, as said no one hits with the end mains anyways.

The manuf. of the high end machines put that knot button there for a reason. (this was from one of R. Parnells statement a few years back on another forum that had this controversy, as he increases his tie offs when he strings) .

Many tour stringers and Slam stringers increase the tie offs, although this is probably the least reason why, as many do not as well.

Reasons against:
You do not hit with the end main, so no reason to increase.

The end main, or cross tie off are short strings that deflect less than a longer string, so the shorter string should be less tension anyways, (but if this was actually true, then why is proportional stringing not very popular, as this follows that thinking) .

The USRSA states that it is not necessary to increase the tie off's. (they also said it does no harm if you do)

People with no knot button forget to set the machine back.

Decide for yourself, as no correct answer here, as this horse has been beatened to death many times in the past!

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