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Originally Posted by dgdawg View Post
....I think this comment speaks for itself....there is absolutely nothing more to be said than that.
I can't think of a reason no to.
What a joke
incidentally, question is spelled question
Yes my comment was a joke but I would not increase tension on the tie off strings.

I have seen the comment about pulling on the outside mains being an excuse for increased tension on the outside mains. Well don't tie off the outside mains by using a box or ATW pattern and you will still have the same problem. Increase tension on the outside mains 25% and you will still have the same problem.

Some people think knots slip. Well mine don't. If your knots slip maybe you need a better knot or technique. 'YULitle' has a good video on tightening knots.

Most tennis string stretches and some much more or less than others. When the string stretches as it is tensioned, it will try to recover but it never recovers all the way immediately. If the string is held stretched out sooner or later it will lose its elasticity and never return to its original state. When a string is tied off and the clamps are released you are going to have some drawback. That drawback is mainly caused by the full tension on one side of the clamp and the slack section of string between the knot and the clamp. There is also the issue of the knot and grommets but I am going to assume those are non-issues for right now and concentrate on the slack string.

Cinching up your knot correctly by pulling the knot down the anchor string and back up to the frame will remove much of the slack. Shortening the distance between the clamp and the tie off will minimize the slack. And clamping your tie off string on a stiffer string bed will keep the clamped string from drawing back as much.

To cinch up your knot go to 'YULitle's' video.

Shortening the distance between the clamp and the tie off point sounds like it could be hard to do but it is not. Look at this video at the US Open and how they tie off the mains and crosses. When the stringer completes the 18th cross he skips to the bottom cross and comes back up to string the 19th cross. When the stringer ties off at 12T this makes the string between the clamp and the knot shorter by the distance from bottom to 19th cross grommet. When I string rackets one piece (and there are skipped grommets) I like to use the short side to run the top cross or two. This also makes the distance shorter because the tie off is usually above the skipped grommet(s) holes. Also on my machine I can get the clamps closer to the frame on a cross than I can on the outside mains. Now look at how the stringer ties off the top cross. All the crosses are in before he comes back to tie off that cross. Because all the crosses are in the string bed is stiffer and there is less drawback on the clamp. The mains help to hold the clamp from drawing back on a stiffer string bed. The stringer pulls tension again to release the starting clamp, stretching that string again. All of this helps to reduce the drawback when the clamp is released.

I could be wrong but it looks like when he ties off the mains he hits the knot button and pulls tension (I assume up 10%,) releases tension, reverts back to the original tension, and pulls again before tying off the knots. I like this better than increasing tension on the last main because you are keeping you tension constant but removing the elasticity from the string before tying it off. For those that use the Wise tension head you do have a knot button. It is called “Pre-Stretch.” You can use this button to pull your tension on the outside mains then turn it off, release tension and tension again.

The reason I don’t increase tension on the tie off strings is because it promotes inconsistency. How can one determine how much tension will be lost on the tie off string when the elasticity of all strings is different and almost every frame will have a different distance from the clamp to the tie off point? I prefer to eliminate the drawback.

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