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No, you should not increase the tension of the last pull.

Why, would you want to? There is zero benefit to it, when it comes to actual play of the racquet and that is what should matter the most. Increasing the tension of the last main or two does more harm than good.

The shorter main strings are already stiffer due to being shorter in length, thus they are underpowered. Further increasing the tension of the last two mains just makes the racquet even less powerful on offcenter hits.

If you increase the tension of the last couple mains you are basically making the sweetspot of the racquet slightly smaller.

It is reverse progressive stringing, why would anyone want that, commonsense.

The main reason I hear stringers say they increase tension on the last pull is so a client doesn't feel that string and think it is under tensioned when it is not, to me that is a dumb reason to do it. Ignorance should not beget ignorance.

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