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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
It may not be random to a lot of you, but I haven't touched a Pro Kennex since I was in high school (nearly 20 years ago), when they were pretty popular (e.g., Black Ace, White Ace, Silver Ace, all great frames).

So, I got some demos including the BLX Six-One 16x18, Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT, and the Pro Kinetic 7G after reading little bit about it. Just wanted to try something different outside of the major brands.

It didn't even feel that great in my hands when I received it, but I really, really enjoyed hitting with it. Really fit my strokes well and I liked the overall feel. And, this great experience was with very average 16g nylon strings. It should be even better with the strings of my choice.

Does anyone know the true specs for the 7g, including strung weight, stiffness, balance, swing weight? The published specs vary substantially among major tennis websites.
The only "true specs" would be the very frame of yours measured on an RDC machine.

If published specs are all over the place, it probably means that quality control is quite loose. Perhaps RDC machines also need calibration?
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