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Originally Posted by pjonesy View Post
It was your approach. It was not the fact that you were disagreeing with me. However, now that i have your attention, I apologize for the harsh tone.

Also, last night Federer certainly outplayed Wawrinka on the backhand side.
So, we do know one thing, last night's match absolutely proved that Wawrinka's backhand is NOT better than Federer's.
Wawrinka played **** poor in his match against Fed at the Aus Open. It was probably his worst performance, in all the matches they have played. In Indian Wells this week, Stan's bh has been on fire against some of the biggest and flattest ball strikers (Berdych and Kolya).

In general, Wawrinka is not a great matchup for Federer as they practice together all the time and Fed can read Stans game alot better than other players. Stan has been playing great tennis though, so if he brings his 'A game' we could be in for a match.
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