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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

Yeah, yeah - ho, ho - you know what I meant!


Qsn. Which is your preference?... frames with plow, heft, stability and solidness? Or lighter, whippier, super-quick rackets where stick speed can seem quicker?... hmm, I'm pondering a few things related to this.

Im liking rackets that are thin "plan" view ie from top. The box beams are wider due to their nature esp around the hoop. The best I've seen so far are my revelation superlongs which are so skinny yet have a 22mm beam. The pc's etc box beams have the same or less beam but still feel tanklike. This plan view thinness aids whippiness yet can be said to be less stable. As I've used revelations, older heads and the vantages stability has not been a problem.

Adding lead to increase SW adds plow and i don't find my set up with my bast core any different in comfort from the baseline than the pc for instance. In fact its more versatile.

Strings are important and if you find your ypp to like tour bite then you may have your answer. It may also be that the woofer dampening combined with the TB is actually what you like and maybe Thats why i like my bast core as it has a similar feel that 'seems' easier.

All in all i have a super stable whippy speedy manouverable racket with lots of plow
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