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^^^The mains are the primary influence on the stringbed, so whatever you put on them will provide the overriding influence in terms of characteristics like feel and power.

I did try a hybrid the non-traditional way round (i.e. multi mains, poly cross) by accident when I wasn't concentrating on what I was doing. There definitely was more power and a softer feel. I will be trying it again at some point and comparing it to the same strings the other way round, but I prefer poly mains in my hybrids as I prefer the feel of poly.
Cheers for that, was first what i thought but needed an expert

Got a club match on sunday against the top people in the league - Hampshire tennis club think they are run by esporta now. Good players don't think they have dropped more than 3 sets per match so far.

Excellent time to try the new setup out! Gonna have Texflex in the mains and Poly Power in the crosses.

On a side note - was browsing round the t3nnispl@net website today for strings as i got recommended a few reels to buy. Saw my machine price has increased by 300! Certainly bought that at the right time!!

I think they are still evaluating their pricing compared to the other machines out there, think the price is about right now so i'm very fortunate i got it cheaper!!
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