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Just in installed my Shock Shield grip.

Definitely unusual.....things I noticed:-

- the Wilson BLX racquets have a plastic cutout in the butt cap to slip the start of the replacement grip into
- the stock Wilson Pro Hybrid grip (removed straight from the handle of my racquet) weighs 20g exactly
- the Head Xtreme overgrip I had on top weights 6.5g with securing tape.
- the Shock Shield weights 28.6g out of the packet, though that will reduce with a small amount of trimming.
- the 'spongy' part of the Shock Shield grip is a strip of bright blue gel with an odd smell.
- the grip overlaps with edges, so if you don't like overlapping grips with edges.....
- grip is quite thick. It's thicker than the stock Pro Hybrid and Head Overgrip. Will increase the grip size slightly.
- grip is quite spongy
- actual grip surface material feels a little bit abrasive to me. Maybe it will be get better with use, grime etc
- putting the Shock Shield grip on is likely to alter the balance of the racquet from stock form given the extra weight unless you are used to having an overgrip on your original racquet.
- with my setup, my overall racquet weight increased by 5.1g in the handle
- mutes the degree of feedback you get from the racquet on impact with the ball

Overall, it 'does what it says in tin' ie thick, spongy grip but it is a bit of an acquired taste.

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