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Seems you have no choice but to take the bloke to the 'resolution centre'.' Follow the procedures to the letter. Research the process and cover yourself. Along with actually getting ripped off, it's another of the pain in the a*** aspects of transactions of fboy. Sometimes though, it has to be done, and it looks like it's one of those times for you, unfortunately.

Coincidentally, I have a PD Team, which was bought off fboy a few years ago, with a similarish crack around upper throat. Firstly, though I think the racket plays actually quite soundly, the frame makes a distinctive unhealthy, sharp, pingy, twang noise that is definitely related to the crack. But, secondly, the seller warned me of the defect in the listing, and I got it for next to nothing.


Anyone notice anything? Er... have some posts/pics or whatever been deleted from this thread recently? Anybody?

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