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Originally Posted by uabucks View Post
Just hit with the BB legend.
With 2 overwraps to make it a bit more headlight,
I was surprised to find it much more nimble than the
BB 11 I hit with last year. I did not find it heavy, and I liked the flex. Wish it were more headlight--feels like you
are swinging the throat of the stick if that makes sense--
more heft there than the volkl T10's.
Was a bit more heavy, not as flexy and not as headlight
as the dnx 10 mp that I play with.
If the Melbourne is stiffer, I'm not sure I would like it.
The Melbourne is more refined. It's like driving a later model car which corners a little faster and reacts to change of direction with more stability than the model it replaced. It is better balanced, handles off-center hits better, and generates more spin. It can almost be played well totally stock, and the Legend, cannot.
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