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Josh radared me a couple days ago, at night, and got 86-88-91mph with a slice wide, and 103-105-106 with a flat serve dtm. Not so good. It would be a real dream to hit 130, but it's out of reach. I don't have the right technique. Not enough stick speed, or whip. My stick mass is 360g, and my string was gut/og micro, so that was not it. I just cannot do it yet, if ever. No leg drive, and am not delaying the elbow. Destroyed the doubles competition with it, though, as they were only 4.0s. My return was killing them as well, and I came into net off it, after blasting 80mph bh returns at the net man, and on rushing listed 5.0 guy, who is really a 4.0. I am an all courter, with aggressive returns, used as approaches, poach/fake well, and can serve/volley or stay back and blast off the ground, but, the serve is not going to cut it against 5.0s. You faced my serve years ago, but it's not much better now. Very hard to change an old stroke.

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