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Originally Posted by forthegame View Post
Does 0.5kg make a big difference?
0.5kg obviously doesn't sound a lot and it isn't really, but I think it does make a difference to me when I'm hitting. It might not be a huge difference, but I think the string certainly would have played better the first time out if I had done it 0.5kg looser.

Originally Posted by Dags View Post
I'm curious as to why you choose to string in kg rather than lbs. Given than 0.5 kg is 1.1 lbs, unless you use smaller increments than that then the jumps in tension are less precise. Is it because you're so young you think in metric? Is it because more pros use kg than lbs and so you're more used to it? Or is it for no particular reason?
On my Star V the increments in kilos are 0.1, while the increments in lbs are 0.5.

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Q for jazar...

Mate, you routinely handle frames of the pros... what, off the top of your head and 'guess-timating' a bit or whatever, but... what would you say would be an average strung weight figure for the pros/their rackets these days?

BTW I'm presuming it's somewhat lower than about ten years ago, but quite how much lower... hmm, I'm curious.


The fact that there is so much variance and that a lot of players are using "custom" frames makes it pretty hard to give an average. You still get some players using incredibly heavy rackets, but at the other end of the scale you get players using rackets you would think are perhaps too light for a hard hitting pro. The vast majority of the top pro players I've strung for have leaded up frames; but I have strung for a few top 100 women who just appear to use stock frames. If I had to guess I would say for the men between maybe 330 and 340g and for the women between maybe 310 and 320g (that would be for like top 100/200 players).
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