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I can't hit it 130, but can hit low to mid 120's (fastest I've clocked was 125, but usually it's 123-124 max).

That being said, I very rarely use that serve as it's pretty flat. My main serve is typically 112-116 with a fair bit of spin. Seems to be a lot harder for people to return than the flat one. I throw the flat one in occasionally as a change of pace, usually as a body shot.

I started playing about 6 years ago. I played football in high school and was a pitcher in baseball in high school and college. I read a fair bit about tennis when I started, and really worked on my serve motion from the begining. Someone else in this thread mentioned using the towel drill and high football throws. I did those, in addition to a weighted rope and lots of shoulder ROM work (especailly external rotation.) I worked a lot on the upper body part then added leg drive as timing got better.

Personally I'd disagree with the lots of practic part, at least intiially. I'd start with doing drills to help develop a faster arm swing. Do that for a while, then go back to your serve. I've always found when I'm serving I worry a lot about getting it in, which of course is important, but can be counter-productive if you're trying to re-vamp your motion.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

And here's a video. Not an all out serve, but same general motion.
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