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Originally Posted by Avles View Post
Ok-- but I see a couple potential issues with it from a teaching perspective:

1. The term is cryptic--so you have to explain it every time you use it. Something like "Serve up the mountain" is relatively intuitive and self-explanatory. "Human racquet" sounds like mumbo-jumbo.

2. We aren't used to thinking of our body parts as being passive burdens that we have to manipulate--when I move my hand, I perceive that as moving my hand, not as using my arm muscles to move a passive hand. So imagining that I am swinging a 10-pound racquet-arm combo doesn't really click for me.

But hey, maybe I'll give it a try next time I hit. It can't possibly make my forehand any worse.
that's fair, when I teach the concept, I have never used the term 'human racket' lolol.... I usually just say the 'arm+racket unit'.
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