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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post
Richmond is a good tennis town.
Well right now they seem to be a good basketball town as well. They have two teams in the sweet 16. And if VCU and Ricgmond can somehow both pull off another upset. they will play each other in the elite 8.

Im sure that place would be going crazy at that point.
Yep. To both. We really do have sooooo many reasonably-priced tennis opportunities. The public courts are free, plentiful and in good-enough condition. And most of the Clubs have fees commensurate with the services they provide; you can go really high-end at the likes of CCV or Hermitage (with full golf courses and restaurants) or stick with more family oriented spots that often just have courts and pool(s).

Now about the basketball. We're kinda rollin' in it now. My dearest is a UR alum. We're huge Spider Football fans but obviously are stoked about the roundball boys' success. So many Richmonders (native or transplants) are VCU grads that the Rams are the de facto Team of the City.

As for me, I got my fill of b-ball covering it for my college newspaper. I was at NCSU in the Valvano days (albeit just post Nat'l Championship). Even back then, I felt sorry for The System. The crazy NCAA rules, how everyone -- coaches, athletes, administrators and alum -- all worked the system. Sad.

My tennis bio is less jaded. Played. Kinda. In high school. But I'd never picked up a racket til in Sophomore PE class. School board ordered our traditionally black school to form a tennis they went out and hired the local country club pro...and she called all the gym teachers asking...who could actually keep the ball in play. Learned a lot of good stuff from her.

Drifted away from tennis during college to pursue racquetball (it was the late 80s and early 90s). Then got roped into some highly competitive volleyball. When that team got too old (actually, their kids got old enough to need parental taxi services), I picked up tennis again. Been playin' it ever since. Two brief layoffs to have kids. Then right back out on court.

Started out as a 3.0, am now a 3.5...on the cusp of being a 4.0.

Don't sweat much on the court (both literally and figuratively). Not much gets to my main motto is...Even a bad day on court is better than bein' home cleanin' toilets.

Hope I can fit in...and hold my own. I'm tough. Having worked for 20 yrs in the Engineering and Computer industries before family...almost exclusively around men...trash talk means nothing. I can dish and I can take.

Love the banter here...and am only jealous I live too far away to jump in on one of y'alls "hits."
A 3.5 masquerading around with a 4.0 mask on.
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