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Default I'd like to add something....

So, being as how I turn 40 in June...which coincides with that little thing called Wimbledon. After contemplating places like Vegas (been there, done that), New Orleans...I had the revelation that one of the world's most famous tennis tourneys coincides with my I've decided to indulge and blow my tax refund on a trip to London. I figure I can easily get grounds passes (I am willing to stand in line insanely early, make friends, and bring some smuggled adult beverages)...and maybe even get show court tix, although I'd be happy with grounds passes. I'm trying for the early rounds.

Is anyone going to be there from TWMAC? I'd love to meet up and hang with people

Trust me, this is a total splurge...but if you can't do it to ring in (or mourn) 40, then when can you? The more the merrier...if anyone is there, meet me in a pub and have beers with me to commemorate the occasion!
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