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Originally Posted by spacediver View Post
if i remember correctly, you posted yourself serving a while back. You've shown a lot of improvement - good job! Your motion is much less spastic than before.

One area that you could definitely work on is developing a more flexed angle in the elbow joint during windup. You're not exactly straight arming the serve, but you could definitely use a more acute angle between forearm and upper arm.

Hi yes you probably do remember, the motion was terrible


heres one I found of me slice serves in sept 2010 , had a knee injury then(im sure you can see why) temp 50 degrees, last serve in vid was a killer.

Heres from april 2010.. I made big changes in spring time

LeeD: The temp outside in the vid I posted was around 70, used Wilson US Open extra duty new. And mindju since the vid was taken I am 25 lbs heavier so currently serve is more,

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