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Default ah perhaps....

Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
@Peeps. You need a different tax accountant. If your refund is that big, you're paying too much over the course of the year. Personally, I don't want those DC-types to have my money any sooner than they absolutely have to.

Oh wait, this is mostly a DC-type thread! Doh!

And, shhh, I'm having a torrid affair with my tax guy. Since my kids have the same eyes...glad I married him too. Hehe...
But I like a nice big check every works out perfectly for scenarios like a trip to London because I don't miss it during the course of the year (yes, yes, I know the concept of giving the DC types.....(DOH!) an interest free loan, but you know....

A torrid affair with your tax guy, huh? It would sound a lot more sultry if you hadn't married him...but at the same time, happy for you as well
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