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OK, here is my review in the TW format of the Babolat Addiction 16.

So I strung up Babolat Addiction last weekend. It's a see through string and anytime I've used those, I get ghosting. This was no exception. It looks to have a lot of multifilaments in it. The coating feels stiff so we'll see how it plays. Gave it Ye Olde Ball Bounce test and it feels crisp like a solid core string. I think this one has more potential than the Yonex, but we'll see.

Tension it is strung: 60 pounds on a lockout machine full bed
Your regular string set up: Mantis Comfort Synthetic 60 pounds full bed
String pattern of your racquet: 16 x 20
Power (or lack there of): Medium/High powered multi
Feel: Average feel
Tension maintenance: Held fine so far
Price: $10.95
Overall comments and feedback: See below

General: The first few hits I could tell this string was very crisp and fairly powerful. I was concerned that control would be an issue but I was mostly able to harness the power.

Serve/Return of Serve: My serve was off last night until I lowered my ball toss. The extra pop on this string helps on the first serve. My second serve was getting some nice bite with the string too. My chip returns were not very good at all but when I just took a crack at the return, the ball seemed to go where I wanted it to.

Strokes: Lots of spin on both wings. My opponent commented after our match that my shots were heavy and giving him trouble. The conditions helped with the spin being about 85 degrees with no humidity. Depth control was effortless with the extra power on my shots. I did not feel like I had to change my strokes to harness the power. I did not hit very many balls in the service box unless I was going for a sharp angle

Volleys: I did not get to hit too many volleys in my match, but the ones I hit found the mark. It just seems very solid when hitting volleys.

Touch shots: Hard to tell so far. I hit a sick dropper on the 2nd point of the match but tried a few more that were not quite as good later.

Softness: The string feels like a stiffer multi and I had a twinge of elbow discomfort immediately after the match that went away within minutes.

Tension: Might be a pound or two low for my liking but going up in tension would increase the stiffness even more.

Durability: The string looks like a sturdy 16g string. No signs of notching after 2 sets.

Movement: String movement is not too bad so far.

Conclusion: For those who like the feel of solid core synthetic guts, this might be worth a try. It feels like a high quality synthetic gut. I would not recommend it for those with elbow issues.
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