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Originally Posted by dozu View Post
complete beginner, just another kid taken to the community court by dad and swing that over sized racket at some balls. (but I have never taught him anything yet)

so I am just soft tossing balls left and right to him... and to my surprise, he started doing shuffle steps to move to both sides and hit his 2 handed shots.

I praised him on the good footwork (had to then explain what the word 'footwork' means).. Here is his reply -

" If you run straight to the ball, you might run over the ball and miss it, but if you shuffle step, you can get to the right place and hit the ball"

I was speechless... maybe the boy has some hope, although the dad's tennis game is already damaged beyond repair lol.
Make him sign a contract appointing you as his manager and coach with a 75% share of the prize money
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