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Originally Posted by TennisMaverick View Post
Played again with the Melbourne for its last test drive, this time, modified with 1 gram at 3/9, plus 1 gram at 6:00, followed by 1 gram at 6:00 only. Both distributions were sans the BB dampener, replaced by an Agassi trimmed rubber band.

As with the London, the DC makes quite a difference in the lack of need for modification. In addition, the capped grommet brings a lot to the table with regard to plow thru. Although the 6.0 play tester and myself both use far heavier frames, we both settled on the lighter distribution. Not only could we drive thru the ball, we were very solid on volleys, and, the stick produces as much spin as the London, provided you contact the ball in the center. If you are 5.0 and above, and you are choosing between the London and the Melbourne, the Melbourne it is.
So if I'm an improving 4.0-4.5 level player and wanted something a little heavier than the London--and get sick of modding it, is it a stick that I should consider working my way into? I really have no intention of doing so, but I'm just curious.
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