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Originally Posted by Inken View Post
I play a two handed forehand and a two handed backhand, but my backhand slice is one handed.

Last Sunday I was watching the ladies finals in Indian Wells (Bartoli/Wozniacki) on tv, and I realized that Marion Bartoli (also two hands on both sides) was playing drop shots and backhand slices with two hands.

I just wonder what are the advantages of a two handed backhand slice, and if it's worth learning it as an additional stroke. Or is it a stroke one should better not play? What do you think?
I have both an okay 1HBH slice and a strong 2HBH slice. I use both about 50/50. I really can't say if it is worth it or not for you to learn it. Are you winning? If so, it probably isn't worth it.

But, I can at least tell you why I have a 2HBH slice.

I have a lot of slice in my game. I also mix in a lot of dropshots. The two-handed backhand slice gives me the ability to hit a deep penetrating slice off my backhand side. With two hands, I am also able to control the ball far better than with one hand. Especially on heavy balls, returning heavy serves, or slicing high balls.

Another good feature of the 2HBH slice is that my opponent doesn't know if I'm going to hit a slice or a regular flat drive. Everything up until contact is identical. So my backhand is easily disguised.

Where the 2HBH slice fails me is in dropshots. I simply can't get the nice, light, short touch needed. They always end up going too far into no-mans land. Easy sitters. So I have had to learn a 1HBH slice, as well. I use the 1HBH for dropshots or backhands that I want to land short/wide in the court.
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