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I'm definitley not a master of disguise. It is just that I don't have a topspin backhand stroke. Only purely flat 2HBH stroke.

The difference between my 2HBH slice and flat strokes are almost indistinguishable. For me, it is just a turn of the grip. On the 2HBH slice, I still drive through the ball although I do follow through a little bit lower on the slice than the flat shot, but not overly so.

Someone won't know from my prep and setup what I'm going to do. It isn't really intentional. It just happens to be the way I swing -- which may not be fundamentally sound in the classic sense.

I wish I could do the same on the FH side, though. I can't hide my FH slice at all. Very high prep, very low finish. Anyone can see it coming the second I take back the racquet.
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