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Originally Posted by Pneumated1 View Post
So if I'm an improving 4.0-4.5 level player and wanted something a little heavier than the London--and get sick of modding it, is it a stick that I should consider working my way into? I really have no intention of doing so, but I'm just curious.
If you are a 4.5-5.0, it will take a tremendous amount of work to gain another 1/2 pt. As you go up the pyramid, it takes a lot more to improve. You will not need the Melbourne until your game is good enough for better players to be willing to hit with you, and that, not the stick, will be your greatest obstacle. Until then, handling that level's ball quality, is not something to worry about.

As you climb-up the ladder, attitudes become more acute, and a-holism becomes rampant. Your record and you technique, will be the measuring stick for which players eval you, and the latter, is more important to gain others' respect. Gaining others' respect is really difficult unless your game blows them away from the sideline, and that, ain't easy. Stick with the London.
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