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A lot of wisdom there. The computer rates me 4.0, but 4.5 players often ask me to hit, as my shots, pace, and ball quality are closer to theirs. I'm stuck where I am currently because of the "between the ears" disease. Coaching/lessons would definitely help and that's something that I plan to integrate regularly, very soon.

As far as 5.0 players around here, I would guess that most of the teaching pros at the local clubs are at about that level, but I don't see myself getting offers to hit with them anytime soon, so I see your point.

And as I said, I have no intention of parting with the London anyway.
Unfortunately, there is little for your level out there on the net, except for maybe, which costs $99/year, and hi-techtennis. com, which costs $50/yr or $15/mo--give this a shot, they're really good on modern stroke production. The kid who does fuzzy yellow balls doesn't play much better than you, so his site is a waste. You may find something useful at A better way would be to get 4-5 other guys together and pay a real coach to run strategy related drills like what players do at performance centers like Hopman's. 4-6 guys splitting a coaches one hour fee has to be doable.

If you want exposure, enter a few sectional events. Enter the weaker ones to get a few wins under your belt. When you play a competitive match, get your opponent's contact number and workout. That's how it"s done. Age group tourneys are easier and less intense physically, but there can be more BS on-court.

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