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Originally Posted by dadozen View Post
Count me in. Currently using VS Team/ Scorpion 1.22

Scorpion seems to be a very nice poly to be used as a cross for gut, but I'm still making some tests to improve the durability.

I already have VS Touch 16( both Black and Natural ) to try, along with Scorpion 1.28.

Also, I have VS Toch 15( agian, both Black and natural ) and Scorpion 1.33 sets to try. The one that gives me the best durabiltiy will be the chosen one. But if the difference between VS Touch 16/Scorpion 1.28 and VS Touch 15/Scorpion 1.33 isn't too big, I'll stick with VS Touch 16/Scorpion 1.28.

Yes, Scorpion is a good mix with gut because it gives it some crispness and is about medium powered I would guess.
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