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Thumbs up Yonex V Core 98D, what a nice surprise!

I actually never thought that i would buy a Yonex racquet. I borrowed a friend this Yonex V Core 98D and hit for only half an hour, and i knew i've got to have it. I bought 2 of these with grip 4 1/4. The racquet looks so beautiful with quality deisgns. At the throat it has the letters US and a little shiny hologram sticker(as i was told by the Yonex dealer, this same racquet that was made for Asian market doesn't have the letters US and no shiny hologram sticker at the throat. Can anyone in Asia area verify this?). I got the 1st racquet strung with Babolat Revenge 16g full bed at 60lbs main vs. 58 lbs cross, and the 2nd one was strung with Solinco Revolution 17g full bed at 57 lbs main vs. 55 lbs cross. The one with Revenge weighes 11.44 oz and the one with Solinco weighes 11.43 oz, how sweet is that? What a superb quality control Yonex has. My idealized weight would be 11.7 to 11.9 oz, so i added 6g lead tape at 12 on each one as well as Yonex overgrip. Now the one with Revenge weighes 11.82 oz and the one with Solinco weighes 11.81 oz. Now with the lead tape and overgrip, each racquet has about 5 points headlight, and i am very pleased that the headlights on both of them are exactly the same. Sweet. Now it's time for hitting talks.
After a few strokes warming up, i could tell the stiffness of the frame is around 62 max (i think it's 61 or 60) cause my forehand felt very comfy. I was also very surprised that eventhough it weighes 11.82 oz, but i felt a little light when hitting. The power was good but not too much like the Pure drive, and the vibration was very little if hitting heavy balls. I went on and rallied for a while, then i switched to the one with Solinco and played 1 set singles. Here's my thoughts:
Serve: flat serve was great because, as i mentioned above that i felt the racquet a little light, i was able to snap the ball quite easily. Kick serve was better than the Utek Radical MP that i used to play, cause the balls went over my friend's shoulders. I still have to work on slice serve with this racquet because, with the Utek Radical i had no problem serving wide, i got the balls go too wide (out) with this Yonex.
Forehand: all i can say is...awesome. I barely missed the forehand during the match. Again, the racquet was very easy to swing and my topspin forehand did bite the balls like crazy. I also noticed that the accuracy was there wherever i aimed the targets. The sweetspot seems large to me.
Backhand: again my 1 handed backhand with crazy spin worked quite well. At 1st the balls went below the net, but i adjusted it quickly and it worked wonderful. Slice backhand with this racquet was also great thanks to the huge sweetspot.
Volley and overhead: I could punch the balls at net with ease, or like a piece of cake and so with overhead.
In short, this racquet is an all around court racquet with high quality design and beautiful paint job. It's worth the money. I also had a chance to hit with the RDIS 200 Light and i think it's also a very good racquet too. If i have the RDIS 200 Lite, i would put some lead tape at 12 and on handle, and i think the RDIS 200 Lite would do awesome job for me too. But if you like the RDIS 200 Light but want it a little stiffer, want it look prettier, you can give the V Core 98D a demo. This is my review. If you have questions, please ask and i will try my best to answer. Thanks for reading.
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